Pop Of Health + Apolis [Vegan] Market Bag

Pop Of Health + Apolis [Vegan] Market Bag


The custom Pop Of Health + Apolis vegan market bag makes you an instant (and adorable) change maker.


One reusable bag alone can replace 170 or more disposable bags from ending up in landfills or oceans each year (and by our estimate, this particular bag replaces way more as it is able to cary 2-3 times more than any other bag we’ve tried!).


The mothers who handcraft your bag receive Fair Trade wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund, changing lives forever.

MANUFACTURING ORIGIN | Saidpur, Bangladesh

SPECIFICATIONS | Dimensions: 13" wide, 18" high, 8" deep, with a 6" x 7" inside pocket

MATERIAL | 100% natural golden jute fiber harvested in Bangladesh. Water-Resistant Lining. Sturdy Leather-Free Straps: Can hold at least 135 pounds

CARE INSTRUCTIONS | Spot clean, air dry

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I have tried many a bag in my day. Most are too small to hold a grocery haul and the majority are simply not cute (Hey, we are allowed to care about aesthetic and the environment at the same time!) Enter: the Pop Of Health + Apolis vegan Market Bag. With this bag, you not only have the opportunity to replace over 170 disposable shopping bags each year (though I estimate more because this bag holds 2-3x what your average grocery bag can hold!) it is also cute enough to double as a beach bag or travel companion keeping you plastic free everywhere you go. What’s more is this bag has helped break poverty cycles for families in Bangladesh, where they are made.