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hello, change maker


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Set change into motion.

Pop of Health started as a small but mighty Instagram community dedicated to empowering the world with information about the industries, products, foods and social and environmental factors plaguing our health, providing insight into safer products, brands, mindsets and lifestyle choices and helping put safer products into as many homes as possible. Our goal is to share information and resources that help our community identify safer alternatives in all aspects of life so we may band together to set change into motion.


Vote with your dollar.

Every purchase you make is a chance to vote for what you believe in. Visit the Pop of Health shop to access stylishly curated items that help you reduce your plastic use and chemical exposure and support brands who put people and planet before profit.


Join the community.

Join the Pop Of Health community on Instagram to access research and recommendations for living a nontoxic lifestyle, taking back the reins to your health and collectively setting change into motion to better the health and safety of all.


Get a little support.

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey or far along the path, we are here to help. We offer personalized product recommendations and more to help you let go of toxic products and habits and take back the reins to your health and happiness.



The Non Tox Box™

Stylishly curated limited edition boxes of safer Emily-approved items that will help you actively participate in creating change in our world, vote with your dollar in support of impactful brands, limit your exposure to toxic chemicals and reduce your use of plastic - without sacrificing on style.

One box has never accomplished so much.™


Meet Emily

Hi, I’m Emily! I started the Pop of Health community and shop to empower the world with information about the industries, products , foods and social and environmental factors plaguing our health; provide safer alternatives and connect a community of passionate people to collectively create the change we so desperately need in our world.