About Pop of Health

Pop of Health started as a small but mighty Instagram community dedicated to empowering you with information about the industries, products, foods and social and environmental factors plaguing our health, providing you with insight into safer products, brands, mindsets and lifestyle choices and helping put safer products into as many homes as possible. My goal is to share information and resources that help our community identify safer alternatives in all aspects of life.

About Emily


Hi! I’m Emily Rose Popson, founder of Pop of Health and creator of The Non Tox Box™. My most fervent mission in life is to help you better understand your power as a consumer, the ingredients in your products, the impact products and our environmental have on your health, and ultimately help you take back the reins to your life. An award-winning technology marketing strategist, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner-to-be, United States Marine Corps spouse and dog mom, I am on a mission to dramatically reduce the reckless toxicity in our world by chipping away at the major chemical, agricultural and pharmaceutical corporations, little by little, day by day, person by person, purchase by purchase.

We - you and I - have more control than we realize. With every purchase we make, we have the opportunity to vote with our dollar: for organic, against pesticides; for glass, against plastic; for essential oils, against synthetic fragrance; for diversity, against exclusivity. We have the power and we must educate ourselves well enough to exercise it.

I also believe we need to reintroduce ourselves to our own bodies. As modern people we have disassociated ourselves from the very skin and systems that carry us through this world, too often taking them for granted. One of the most important steps I have found in taking back the reins to your health is taking the time to better understand this one and only body of yours, to stop hating and punishing it with restriction, exercise and negative thoughts, and start giving it the respect and love it needs to give you back a healthy vibrant life. I am here to help you do this.

I named my community Pop of Health for 3 reasons: First, to pay homage to my family name “Popson”. Second, because I believe every day and everything that we do presents an opportunity to add a pop of health. And finally, for some irony. I don’t believe food - any real food - is inherently bad. Not cookies, not coffee, not popsicles. Popsicles are only harmful to our health if filled with harmful ingredients that don’t serve us or our health goals. So while some may find my popsicle icon counterintuitive, I find it to be a beautiful reminder of the power of properly prepared whole food ingredients.

I thank you for stopping by and encourage you to join us over in the @popofhealth community on Instagram or drop me a note with any questions you might have!

With lots of love,