How To Make Social Media Work FOR Your Health and Happiness, Not Against It

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I sat on social media, feeling worse about my life and my self with every scroll and walked away with a comparison hangover. Too many times. It hit me one day that I am in control here. I followed these accounts and I can choose to unfollow them. Chances are you probably don’t even realize how many accounts you followed over time or during a different phase of your life. At some point when the content from these accounts are not serving us or helping us achieve our life, health or wellness goals, we have to go back and reassess these relationships.

Social media does NOT have to be isolating and self esteem crushing. It CAN connect us to those like us and remind us we aren’t alone in our struggles, journeys or passions. It can provide inspiration, motivation, community and insights. One of the best things I ever did for my self was spend one hour unfollowing every account that was no longer serving me and then continuing to unfollow any account going forward that no longer served me at that time in my life.


If I am on an anti-inflammatory diet that is going to help me reach my health goals, I’m going to unfollow the local parlor because a constant reminder of how good pizza looks is not productive - I KNOW ITS GOOD! If I am committed to maintaining my financial health and stick to a budget through the holidays, I might unfollow Pottery Barn, Southern Living, Conde Nast and any account who I know shares images of “perfect” holiday decor, gifts and parties. My on-budget party, gifts and decor will be beautiful and there is no need for the comparison or temptation. If I am struggling with body image or overcoming an eating disorder, I’m going to unfollow any account that promotes diet culture, photoshops or morphs their images, promotes excessive exercise or uses too-thin models. I know what models look like, I don’t need them shoved in my face every day, especially not if I can control it.

DO THIS. You will FEEL the difference. I promise you.

Go through your feed and ask yourself: “Is this person or account lifting me up or making me feel less than? Is this account’s content in line with what I want my life to feel and be like? Are they depicting unhealthy or unrealistic images of an “ideal” life? Do they photoshop all of their pictures?”

We often forget that WE are in control of social media. We choose who and what enters our universe through these little screens.

My challenge to you is to take back the reins. Take 30 minutes to unfollow any accounts that are no longer serving you and your mission and continue to unfollow through different seasons of your lifestyle.