My Purple Powerhouse Detox & Digest Smoothie

I’m about to let you in on a little secret and daily ritual of mine: my FAVORITE smoothie for gut health and daily detoxification. I just wrapped up a month or more of travel - family time here, work trips there. It’s inevitable, when you travel you are exposed to foods and environmental elements not part of your usual routine. This can bog down your liver and digestive system and make you feel just…bleh.

Enter: My Purple Powerhouse Detox + Digest Smoothie Extraordinaire!
(it’s adapted from a smoothie my mom makes every morning so shout-out Rose!)


I start almost every morning with this exact smoothie but I CRAVE it after a long weekend away. It’s that delicious hand makes me *feel* that good. So I want to share it with you so you can taste and feel all the goodness right along with me!

The carefully sourced combination of ingredients collaboratively and concurrently heal and strengthen my gut, and give my body an extra detox boost. The fresh ginger aids in stimulating healthy digestion and also soothes your stomach. The wild blueberries are powerful detoxifiers and rich in antioxidants. The baby spinach gives us a good dose of vitamins A, C, K1 as well as Iron which brings oxygen to our tissues. The organic riced cauliflower aids in estrogen detoxification and gets an extra veggie into the mix while making your smoothie extra creamy (trust me on this one!!). The coconut milk provides healthy fats as promotes blood sugar stabilization and the collagen supports skin hair and gut health!

Whew! Now you know why I call it a powerhouse!


Here’s what you need:

👉1/3 cup frozen wild blueberries
👉2 giant handfuls fresh organic greens
👉2in piece fresh ginger
👉coconut, oat or macadamia milk
👉frozen riced cauliflower
👉2 scoops bulletproof vanilla collagen protein
👉optional additions: chia seeds, pepitas, cacao nibs, more ice, sub frozen greens

Pop all of the ingredients into your glass blender. I personally love and use the glass personal blender from Tribest. All of their attachments are glass and while the lids are plastic they are lined with silicone to keep your smoothie plastic free!

Blend baby blend and you and your pretty purple powerhouse concoction are ready to roll! If you try it be sure to tag me it makes me so happy!

P.S. I really believe the key to nailing the flavor is using the Bulletproof Collagen Protein in Vanilla and the wild blueberries. I have tried it with other varieties of collagen and with traditional organic blueberries and the impact is not the same.

Emily Popson