A List Of Things You Never Have to Apologize For Doing For Your Health

Your weekly reminder that what you do for your health, for your family’s safety, for the future of our planet — is no one else’s business. If ANYONE makes you feel badly for choosing safer options or refusing ones you know to be harmful, that’s their own issues, likely rooted in insecurity or simply a lack of awareness.

When I started my first blog seven years ago this was the very first topic I covered. At age 22 I was shocked by the emotions and labels thrown my way as I began my health journey. I was stunned when a checkout clerk judged me for only buying “the expensive” candy for Halloween or when family members rolled their eyes at my “picky” eating.

While I realized pretty quickly others’ reactions had nothing to do with me, I still needed to give myself a pep talk pretty regularly. I was always reminding myself of all the things I didn’t need to feel badly about.

So, just so we are all SUPER clear about this, here are a list of things you should feel absolutely ZERO shame about and NEVER apologize for:
👉 bringing your own coffee cup
👉 brining your own water bottle
👉 brining your own utensils
👉 refusing a straw
👉 bringing your own bag
👉 skipping the gluten (or dairy or insert any food allergen)
👉 skipping the food you suspect was cooked in rancid or low quality oils
👉 using safer skincare or makeup
👉 refusing chemical sunscreens, especially on your children
👉 not wearing perfume
👉 not wanting to smell perfume or air freshener or most candles
👉 selling or educating on safer skincare of makeup (or sunscreen or men’s care or kids care products)
👉 choosing to work with a naturopath or functional medicine doctor (whether it’s covered by insurance or not)
👉 saying no to eating at restaurants you know won’t make you feel well
👉 bringing your own food or snacks
👉 refusing alcohol at a party
👉 choosing organic produce
👉 paying more for grass fed, pastured, wild caught proteins

Refusing to use harmful products or choosing to put your health first despite what others want or think or choose for themselves does not make you high maintenance or stuck up. It does not mean you think you are better than. It does not make you annoying or difficult or finicky. And don’t you let anyone make you feel otherwise.

Emily Popson