Get Ready With Safer Beauty: Wedding Guest Edition

Hey there, Sweet Friends! Yesterday afternoon in my Instagram Stories over on Pop of Health I took the community along with me as I got ready to attend our friend’s wedding using all my safer beauty products. I was dangerously close to making us very late so I had to speed things up toward the end so I’m recapping everything and shared plus more I didn’t below. And of course, I have generously linked it all for you to browse with ease!

First: Fuel

Purple Powerhouse Smoothie

Before I could even begin tackling making myself presentable I needed some more calories in my body. I whipped up my favorite Purple Powerhouse Smoothie (with a slight alteration given the cleanse I’m doing this month)


Makeup Remover Wipes

Before hopping in the shower I removed the makeup I had on with these biodegradable and game changing
makeup remover wipes from Beautycounter. They are my fav because they are eco friendly, huge, super-sudsy and both remove makeup and cleanse in one step! (Tip: You can cup them up into smaller pieces to make them last longer)


Dry Brushing

Next, I did my dry brushing. Dry brushing is a technique used to stimulate your lymphatic system - one of the primary pieces of your body’s detoxification system. With how much we sit nowadays many of us have less than stellar lymphatic mobility which can slow down and sludge up our detox pathways. Dry brushing helps get things moving (while also giving you a great little exfoliation!). Here is the brush by PurSoma that I use.

In The Shower

Sugar Body Scrub


Coyuchi Organic Cotton Washcloths

I shared a couple of months ago that we use the Coyuchi For Life program to create a closed loop system for our use of organic towels and linens. We receive new towels, sheets and blankets of varying schedules and send the used ones back to be recycled or upcycled as needed so nothing ends up in landfills. We are currently using the Catalina Organic Towels in Lake.

Charcoal Cleansing Bar (for the pits!)

The Charcoal Cleansing Bar is the best pit cleanser around (but really a multitalented little bar! I use it for cleaning brushes, washing my face on oilier days and yes, cleaning my pits).

Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner

I used the Rahua Color Shampoo and Conditioner. I was blonde for 6 years so there is still some brunette color and glaze on the bottom half of my hair that I like to keep in top shape to mitigate the need to go back into the salon chair!


I rarely paint my nails. I spend 99% of my life with bare or (more often) chipped nails. I strategically place text over my haggard looking nails in my instagram stories (now you know and will for sure notice!). But when I need to look presentable there are a few safer brands I turn to. Last night I use Cote pink polish on my toes and Ella+Mila Honeymoon Bliss on my finger tips. I removed old polish with the Cote acetone-free polish remover pictured below and linked here.


Daytime Routine

My daily skincare routine is fully linked up here, step by step! Even though it was the afternoon I did my morning routine. I cannot say enough good thing about how well the Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream layers under makeup. It creates such a smooth canvas!



I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week and only dry it when I have to look more presentable. If I were to let my hair dry on its own before this wedding though, I’d have a lion’s mane to deal with. So I used my old trusty $29 Conair blow dryer. I’d love a Dyson and love getting a blowout with one but back to my whole priorities make it possible approach - I might drop a boat load on a Molekule Air Purifier to keep my air clean, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to spend that much on a hair dryer!


I like to brush my hair out before, during and after I dry. I use a flat brush and a round brush while drying and a flat brush again once its dry to really smooth it out. I prefer to use brushes made from natural materials like sandalwood, teak and bamboo. I have several linked here.

Curling Iron

I did my hair a couple hours before we had to leave so I curled it in pieces starting in the back and bottom and working my way up and forward to around my face. I used my 1” Hot Tools curling iron. Again, it isn’t fancy but it’s lasted me a long time without any issues and heats really evenly!


I really never use product in my hair unless I need it to hold for a longer than usual time - like when I’m about to be a guest at a wedding where photos will be taken. There are a few I really like in my Amazon Bath & Beauty Store but last night I used this trusty, super safe Medium Hold hairspray from Andalou Naturals. Bonus: it is only like $8!

Comb It Out

After I do my makeup, THEN I comb out my curls to get the most time out of them at the right looseness! I love this wide tooth Sandalwood Comb.



This is where things got a little crazy and I realized I had about half the time I thought I did! But I made it work - all with better beauty:

Foundation: For higher coverage needs like attending a wedding I love this super safe (and refillable) foundation from Kjaer Weis!

Concealer: Under eyes, around nose and on center of chin.

Bronzer: On your average day I would only wear one of the below but for a special occasion when I want those cheek bones to pop I will lightly dust on the All Over Bronzer in Dune and then accent with with the Illuminating Stick in Bronze.

Highlighter: I use this on bow of my lips, arch of my nose, brow bones and collar bones. Its amazing.

Blush: This product seems to be a fan favorite every time I show it! I dab it into the apples of my cheeks and then buff it out with a blender brush.


Eyeshadow: First I used the Velvet Eyeshadow Romantic Palette to cover my eyes and then used the circled colors below from the Necessary Neutrals Palette to accentuate. Having green eyes, I tend toward purpley shades.


Brow Pencil: I don’t have microblading (get asked that alot) I just pencil them in daily! This pencil has nothing toxic and lasts forever. I use shade Dark.

Mascara: Of course I used 2-3 layers of Volumizing Mascara (normally I’d wear one layer but #specialoccasion)

  • Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara (I have naturally long lashes. I know. Sorry. BUT here is a pro tip: If you want va-va-voom lashes apply the lengthening mascara first and then the volumizing on top!)

Eyeliner: Another product I really only wear for special occasions. I’ve never loved wearing eyeliner but do love this Violet one when I

Lips: Last night was 100% my lip sheer in Rose. My everyday staple proved it can be dressed up or down!



Black Floral Wrap Dress by

Leather Laser Cut Clutch by Cleobella

Star Studded Bangle by Half United

Starburst Studs by Unknown

Nude Barely There Heels (three years old, White House Black Market)

Thanks for getting ready with me, Friends!

I hope I’ve shown you how easy it is to create any look with safer beauty!

As always, if you have any questions at all please feel free to DM me over on the Pop of Health Community on Instagram or send me a message from the site!

xo, Emily

Emily Popson