Glass Straw + Bamboo Case Trio

Glass Straw + Bamboo Case Trio


Our glass straw trio is the perfect companion for everything from smoothies to iced tea to cocktails to cold brew. The custom bamboo straw case keeps your straw safely stashed away and your purse free from stains. The perfectly snug sisal cleaning brush fits inside the straw while inside the case for easy cleaning on the go. No time to clean? Store your straw and brush back in the case and clean when you get home - the beauty of bamboo!

This trio includes:

  • 1 borosilicate glass straw (9mm)

  • 1 custom pop of health bamboo case

  • 1 sisal cleaning brush

While this straw is carefully and sturdily made, it is still glass. Please take care when using and inspect for and cracks or chips regularly. Sip safely!

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Some estimate humans use and abuse 500 billion (with a b) plastic straws every single day! The majority of plastic straws end up in landfills or in our oceans wreaking havoc on our environment and the animals we share it with. With this trio you can be part of the solution - not the problem.

Making the switch to reusable can replace over 500 straws every single year. But in our experience just owning a reusable straw doesn’t get someone to consistently use it. Our glass straw trio comes with the perfect 9mm borosilicate glass straw, custom bamboo straw case and perfectly snug sisal cleaning brush so you are never without your safely stored straw and cleaning supplies! Unlike fabric cases, this custom bamboo hard case is not only adorable but super easy to clean and stash anywhere!